Professor George Philander - Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University

McDonnell Distinguished Lecture Series Events:

Public Lecture:  The Hedgehog and the Fox - A Nelson Mandela Perspective on Global Warming

      Wednesday, March 28, 7:00 pm
      Whitaker Hall, Room 100

Colloquium:  The Precarious Present - Is Global Warming Inhibiting an Incipient Ice Age?

      Thursday, March 29, 4:15 pm
      Crow Hall, Room 201

Kelsey Prissel - Roger B. Chaffee Graduate Fellow

Kelsey Prissel (née Williams), is a 4th year graduate student in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.  Kelsey performs laboratory experiments to investigate the geochemistry of planetary interiors.  

In my first year at WashU, I worked with my advisor, Professor Mike Krawczynski, to build our experimental geochemistry laboratory. We have apparatuses in our lab that can reach temperatures as high as 2500ºF and pressures over 35,000 times the pressure of the Earth’s atmosphere. One of the most exciting things about being an experimentalist is having the ability to control the conditions (temperature, pressure, oxygen fugacity) of the samples we synthesize, allowing us to study the geochemistry and petrology of rocks from any planetary body.  
While at WashU, I have experimentally investigated high-temperature iron isotopic fractionation between minerals and the melts from which they crystallize. With this project, we hope to improve the present understanding of basalt petrogenesis on the Moon. I have also conducted experiments to determine the diffusivity of cations in the iron-titanium oxide mineral ilmenite. This project will ultimately help us quantify the timescales of volcanic processes.
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