Topics covered include the structure of the Universe, stars, planets and exoplanets, meteorites, the Moon and Earth, and origins of the Solar System

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Cosmochemistry and Astromaterials

Earth as a Planet

Experimental, Observational and Theoretical Astrophysics

Particle and Nuclear Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation

Planetary Exploration and Habitability

Quin Abarr in Antarctica with penguins

My research focused on X-rays from compact objects, such as black holes and neutron stars. I had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica to launch the X-ray polarimeter X-Calibur on a stratospheric balloon. This and all my experiences doing astrophysics at WashU have been made possible by support from the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences.

―Quin AbarrMcDonnell Center Graduate Fellow, PhD 8/27/20