Skemer promoted to full professor

Phil Skemer has been promoted to full professor of Earth and planetary sciences effective July 1, 2021. Skemer uses geological observations and experimental methods to study how rocks deform. Through his research, he seeks to provide physically meaningful connections between geodynamic theory and models, seismological data, and direct geological observations. Skemer also teaches numerous courses, including the first-year seminar “Geology in the Field” and “Undergraduate Field Geology.”

In addition to his research and teaching, Skemer serves as Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Associate Director of WashU’s Institute of Materials Science and Engineering (IMSE), and Director of the Fossett Laboratory for Virtual Planetary Exploration.

Slava Solomatov, chair of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, described Skemer as “one of the world authorities on rock deformation,” whose work is critical to the understanding of plate tectonics.

“Phil is an excellent citizen, taking on more leadership roles during his junior faculty years than I have ever seen in our department,” Solomatov said. “Phil also cares deeply about teaching and co-leads popular domestic and international field trips, which are essential to engaging aspiring young geoscientists.”

 Congratulations to Phil!