Postdoctoral Quantum Monte Carlo Group fellowship Opening

Postdoctoral Quantum Monte Carlo Group fellowship Opening

Department of Physics Postdoctoral Position in the Quantum Monte Carlo Group

The Quantum Monte Carlo group in the Physics Department  at Washington University in St. Louis is anticipating an opening for a postdoctoral position on nuclear many-body theory starting  in Fall 2023 (dates are flexible).

Conceptual art connects the atomic underpinnings of the neutron-rich calcium-48 nucleus with the Crab Nebula, which has a neutron star at its heart. Zeros and ones depict the computational power needed to explore objects that differ in size by 18 orders of magnitude. Image courtesy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory; conceptual art by LeJean Hardin and Andy Sproles.

The successful candidate will be working with Profs. Piarulli and Pastore, and collaborators. The group research interests cover a broad range of topics, including nuclear structure, electroweak structure and reactions, neutrinoless double beta decay, electron and neutrino scattering off light- to medium-mass nuclei, and infinite nucleonic matter. Further information on our group and its research activities can be found at: .

Applicants are expected to have a Ph.D. in nuclear theory or a closely related field by the beginning of the postdoctoral appointment. Experience in high-performance computing and/or Bayesian methods and/or reaction theory and/or machine-learning methods is preferred. 

The appointment will be for two years (renewal for a third year is probable, but is contingent on funding availability). Interested candidates should submit an application that includes a cover letter, a curriculum vitae with a complete list of publications, a statement of research interests, and three letters of recommendation to:

Questions regarding the position should be addressed to Prof. Piarulli (

Our selection process will start immediately and proceed until the position is filled.

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