Introducing Ye Jin Han, Meruyert Iskakova, and Nicole Rodriguez - new grad fellows in Physics

Ye Jin Han, Meruyert Iskakova, and Nicole Rodriguez

Ye Jin Han, Meruyert Iskakova, and Nicole Rodriguez join the Department of Physics as three of our newest McDonnell Center Graduate Fellows.  

Ye Jin joins us from Greenville University in Illinois.  When asked why she wanted to study physics in St. Louis she shared, "I chose Washington University because of its tightly knit community. Washington University's professors are kind and attentive; its graduate students showed close camaraderie when I visited the school, giving me the certainty that I would thrive and grow as a physicist here."

Meruyert Iskakova is following her undergraduate degree from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan with the WU graduate program in Physics.  When asked about this next step she said, "I am looking forward to starting my graduate program at Washington University because of its outstanding work in the space sciences, cutting-edge research facilities, and support for graduate students."

Nicole Rodriguez attended Westminster College in Salt Lake City for her undergraduate studies. When asked the primary reason she chose the Physics graduate program at WU she replied, "The quality of the research conducted at Washington University and the resources provided by both the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences and the Department of Physics make me feel very fortunate to be attending graduate school here. I look forward to learning from and alongside remarkable and inspiring scientists."