Welcome from the Director

Greetings! I warmly welcome you to the new website for the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences. Here you will find information regarding the research being carried out by the scientists of the Center in areas ranging from the search for water on Mars, exploration of outer planets, to the study of energetic X-ray and gamma-rays emanating from quasars and super massive black holes, gravitational waves and of dark matter in the Universe. You will find links to individual scientists or scientist groups that provide move extensive coverage of specific topics. We are dedicated to bringing innovative thinkers from different fields together for the purpose of producing new and groundbreaking ideas, and we welcome you to participate in the exciting research. ...Read more

About the Center

The McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences is a consortium of Washington University faculty, research staff and students from the departments of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering. The Center exists to encourage collaborative research efforts among scientists working on space science problems and projects that span traditional departmental lines. The "Mac Center," as it is called, fosters this type of endeavor through the sponsorship of cooperative research and through formal activities such as the Visiting Scientist Program. ...Read more

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