Public Lecture: Gravitational waves from black hole mergers: did LIGO detect dark matter?

Public Lecture hosted by the St. Louis Astronomical Society

Friday, September 21, 2018, 7:30-9:00PM

Room 162 McDonnell Hall, Washington University in St. Louis

Abstract:  One of the most fascinating predictions of Einstein's theory of gravity is the existence of black holes: objects that are so dense that not even light can escape their powerful gravitational attraction. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) has recently discovered the presence of a population of black holes that could constitute the dark matter in the universe. In this talk we will discuss the implications of these results, as well as the observations of the super-massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way by the Event Horizon telescope.


Guest lecturer:  Professor Francesc Ferrer, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Physics and McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences

Call for Research Papers: Meteoritics & Planetary Science (MAPS) - Special Issue in honor of Dr. Christine Floss

Papers are solicited for a Special Issue of Meteoritics & Planetary Science dedicated to the memory of Dr. Christine Floss and organized around the general theme of “Understanding our solar system history through In-situ micro- and nano-analysis of extraterrestrial materials”.


For over 30 years, Dr. Christine Floss analyzed the isotopic and elemental compositions of macro- to submicroscopic components in extraterrestrial materials using coordinated in-situ ion microprobe (IMS-3f and NanoSIMS 50) and electron microscopy (SEM, Auger Nanoprobe and FIB-TEM) techniques to better understand secondary processes (e.g., thermal metamorphism, aqueous alteration) during the early history of our solar system. Christine worked on a wide range of planetary samples, from meteorites, micrometeorites and interplanetary dust particles to returned samples from NASA Apollo, Stardust and Genesis missions. She was also one of the experts on the identification and characterization of circumstellar and protosolar components in these materials, in particular presolar silicate grains, to investigate their abundances and origins.



Manuscripts that focus on current and critical issues related to Christine’s broad research interest will be considered for this Special Issue. 

The review process of manuscripts for this Special Issue will be overseen by MAPS chief-editor A J Timothy Jull, MAPS Associate Editor Alexander Ruzicka, and guest editor Larry Nittler. All manuscripts will undergo the normal MAPS review processes.


Special Issue Proposers: Pierre Haenecour and Maitrayee Bose.



Deadline for submission: December 31, 2018 



All the guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission are posted on:

In Step-6 of the submission process, please select “Christine Floss issue” in the Special Issue section.